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About us

Lighting the way.

Our customers expect the best.
That's because National Electric has been the industry leader for more than two decades.
Professionals depend on us for quality, high performance and innovative lighting. We continue
to earn their respect. Over and over again.

Professionals serving professionals.
It's about quality and performance of products. But it's also about customer service.
Both before and after the sale. Our people pride themselves on being skilled, knowledgeable
and delivering the goods on time. Our overall performance has resulted in OEM contracts with
the most demanding companies in the industry. One pro recognizing another.

You speak. We listen.
The most useful ideas meet specific needs. National Electric hears you. And responds with
innovative products that exceed the market's quality, performance, and price requirements.

Quality is an on-going process.
iIt starts with products that are quality oriented right from the start. Testing and inspecting
every step of the way guarantees consistency and reliability. The results speak for themselves.

Take us for a "Test Light."
Try us before you buy us. Then enjoy the benefits of safe, efficient fluorescent work lights
or retractable reels. Everything you need to get the job done.The right way.